Monday, 1 October 2012

One Little Word Blog Hop: October

Good morning/afternoon/evening and welcome to the One Little Word Blog Hop.  The hop is hosted by Margie, is international and has a wonderful 14 participants, all waiting and willing to share their One Little Word for 2012 with you.  If you've landed here from Cheri, welcome.  I'm listed in the middle of the hop, but don't worry if you get lost following the links ~ there's a full list of participants at the end of this post.   
My husband {The Brainy One} chose our word for 2012: enjoy.  Not because he wants us to be frivolous with our lives, but because he wants us to grasp every opportunity, good or bad, that comes our way this year.  This month, Ali suggested that we look at focusing on battles fought or celebrated.  I found the celebration part easy to write about in relation to our word; the battling side of our word, not so much.  
 September had plenty of things to celebrate:
~ birthdays and anniversaries
~ the huge adventure that was Cartagena
~ the approach of Autumn
~ the new school year for The Boy Child
September was not a cause for celebration due to my dealings with the authorities about getting help for The Boy Child.  But it was worth it, because we now know that he's going to get the help he needs and that has made it all worth while. 
If you're moving on with the OLW Blog Hop, then your next destination is Lisa and you can find her here.
But, before you go ... 2012 is also the year of Happy Mail ~ the chance to receive a small parcel in the post, just because. 
There's no catch. You don't have to do anything in return.  See this post, if you'd like to join in. Internationals welcome.  
Mrs Wookie


Missus Wookie said...

As another Mom who is arguing to get the help her son needs I empathise. I really like your enjoy title page - cool texture.

kelly said...

beautiful pages. congrats on your celebrations. best of luck next month and you continue to advocate for your son.

Kimberlee Gerstmann said...

So glad you will be getting the help you need. Glad for your celebrations too. :) Hugs.

MonicaB said...

I glad to hear your battle was able to get your son the help he needs. Hope your celebrations continue this month!

Naomi said...

Wonderful news! I'm glad there's so much to celebrate.

Anonymous said...

Lovely pages, Ruth. So glad to hear that fighting for your boy made positive changes.

Cheri said...

seems you had battles and celebrations all month! Love the "enjoy" page - great texture.

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