Monday, 5 November 2012

Hello Monday

Hello to The Boy Child going back to school.  We had a fabulous two-week half-term.
Hello to the decorating being finished this week.
Hello to sparklers on Guy Fawkes Night.
Hello to starting my Christmas gift shopping.  Santa wants to give the Boy Child Lego.
Hello to The Boy Child going on a school trip.
Hello to me beginning Project Declutter.  The living room is a blank canvas; I should make sure that I don't fill it again with stuff we don't need or want.  I'm sure there's plenty that could be given to the charity shop, freecycled of recycled.  The kitchen is also in need of a clear out.
Hello to catching up with Project Life, to settling down with 30 Days of Thankful and to planning December Daily.
Hello to after-school activities again.  Both street dance and swimming resume after the half-term break.
Hello to Remembrance Day services, both at school and nationally.  Lest We Forget.


Ladkyis said...

oooh decorating, we now use the Chatsworth Plan. They painted their ceilings in 1796 and they haven't been touched since, except to dust and clean occasionally. That's the sort of decorating we like

Alison said...

A busy week then Ruth...good luck with the declutttering!
Alison xx

humel said...

Yes, I wish you luck with the decluttering, too - it's a good opportunity :) Hope the second half of the term goes well!

debs14 said...

I did the Organised Housewife month of decluttering and tidying your house and haven't looked back!
Good luck with the decorating.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

I try to declutter, but the magpie gets the better of me. Maybe one day!



Missus Wookie said...

Good luck with decluttering and redecorating. After all the decluttering I so enjoy the empty spaces and have been trying hard to ensure they stay that way.

Deb @ Paper Turtle said...

Hi Ruth ~ Looking forward to seeing how things look once they are put back together! :o)

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