Thursday, 15 November 2012

Move More, Eat Well: October

So how did I do in October?
I went to Zumba five {5} times.
I went swimming twice.
I went to Aquarobics twice.
I walked the pooch a total of seventeen {17} times.
The last ten days of the month fell in half-term, but I did manage to book Holiday Gym Club twice for The Boy Child.  I’m lucky that he enjoys going.
Going to the gym is very much part of my weekly plan now and I feel sluggish when I haven’t managed to get as often as I might have liked.  Who’d have thought I would ever think that at the beginning of the year!
As a stay at home mum, you might have thought that going to the gym would be easy to achieve, but I’ve noticed of late  that there seems to be more calls on my time.  I’m not bleating, by any stretch of the imagination and I should be able to organize my time usefully and purposefully.
And, repeating myself from last month, I should stop being so hard on myself.
Perhaps I should look at the big picture: how can I create a sustainable, healthy lifestyle that works for me?  I’m talking about a sustainable lifestyle that will make me feel better and make me look better and make me live the life I want to be living. 
It’s all about my potential, really.  What am I capable of changing today?  What can I do here today in this 10th month of trying to move more and eat well?
Do I even need to do anything differently?  
Five things I'm grateful for this month:
  1. making real-life friends through blogging and scrapbooking
  2. the days when autism retreats in to the shadows
  3. making a real friend through school
  4. the opportunity for an impromptu day out with The Brainy One
  5. hearing that The Boy Child is doing so well at school


Sian said...

You have made a good point there - maybe you don't need to cahnge as much as you think you do? My exercise routine doesn't stand up to this kind of scrutiny at all..

humel said...

Um - pretty much what Sian said, really!! Wishing you all the best with the process of finding the right balance xx

Alison said...

I reckon you're doing pretty dan well!
Alison xx

alexa said...

You seem to be doing loads, Ruth! And not being hard on yourself sounds a kindly thing :).

Missus Wookie said...

A wise woman told me, "Treat yourself as you would like your best friend treated..." hard to live up to but good advice I felt.

Glad you are making time for yourself.

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