Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Photo a Day: 14th November | What Are You Reading?

~ hot cup of tea and 30 minutes with a new book = bliss ~  
The book in question is Dominion by C. J. Samson.  He's the author of the brilliant Matthew Shardlake series of books about a lawyer at the time of Henry VIII.  Dominion is shaping up to be an excellent read ~ what if Great Britain had surrendered in 1940?  For a similar theme, check out Fatherland by Robert Harris.


Kirsty.a said...

sounds intersting. I'll put it on Christmas list

humel said...

Yep, it does sound interesting! I'm dipping into the book you gave me (love that it's written in short 'essay' chapters, very dipintoable, and each one makes me want to reflect and absorb and think) and also rereading The Lord of the Rings again :)