Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Photo a Day: 12th December

Freezing fog and below Zero degrees at 8.15am.
Warmed up to Zero degrees at 2pm.


Tammy said...

Oh, wow! Brrr and beautiful!! Hope you are staying warm!

Rhona said...

At just after 2pm we're still at -2C - it's certainly been chilly today! x

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Eeeee! That's cold, and is that a frozen spider web??? How beautifiul!

Ruth, we are fogged in here, and I feel like I am in England. We aren't used to it here, but it has given sort of a romantic cast to the season as I'm pretending I'm abroad!



Lorraine said...

Very, very cool. Not just the weather!

Sian said...

I didn't realise how cold it was until I went out to put something in the bin and couldn't get the lid open this morning!

alexa said...

Super photo = the detail is really sharp. Yes, it IS cold, isn't it!