Sunday, 16 December 2012

Photo a Day: 16th December

I turned my hand to making a few reindeer name-place thingys this afternoon.  They turned out to be more time consuming than originally thought, but isn't that always the case?
I printed out the template on Kraft card and the prototype reindeer was covered (one side only) in an old piece of Christmas themed paper from October Afternoon.  I used brown ink around all the edges and used one of The Boy Child's thick felt tip pens to colour in the blank sides of each piece.
I had thought that I might make enough for the table on Christmas Day.  My SiL is hosting Christmas lunch and at the last count, there will be fifteen of us.  I'm now thinking that I'll just make enough for the three of us to have on our kitchen table.
The pattern was seen in the Christmas edition of Red magazine: you should be able to copy the image below and print it out on A4 card.  Failing that, check out their website here.


Rhona said...

Your reindeer is lovely but I can imagine how time consuming he is to make. 3 sounds a good number to me :) x

Liz said...

Yes very time consuming, especially those antlers!! Luckily I only had to make three. I like the October Afternoons papers. They're some of my favourites.

alexa said...

That looks like a lot of careful and fiddly work and I understand totally the reduction in numbers! He (she?) is very pretty though and I am sure a trio will be perfect.

Deb @ Paper Turtle said...

Oh that is the cutest thing! Thanks for sharing the template - I'm definitely going to make at least one of them. I know what you mean about having good intentions about making several of something, and then changing your mind once you've made one! Been there, done that! xo

Missus Wookie said...

Oh that is cute - but agree fewer being good. Prototypes are always a good thing for helping reduce expectations.