Monday, 14 January 2013

Hello Monday

Hello to the first week of proper routine since the beginning of the Christmas holidays. I'm ready for it and so is The Boy Child.
Hello to our decorator back for a second week.
Hello to seeing Les Misérables a second time.
{photo from Les Mis facebook page} 
Hello to back to the gym for the first visits this year ~ Zumba, Aqua and swimming.
Hello to the week-long book fair at school.  I'm helping out on 2 afternoons. 
Hello to Street Dance class.  Two more of The Boy Child's friends have joined.
Hello to a haircut.  I'm considering cancelling and finding a new salon.  Yet another too short a haircut last time.
Hello to on-line shopping and having my groceries delivered to directly to my kitchen.
Hello to my nephew's 16th birthday.
Hello to my SiL's birthday.
Hello to cracking on with Project De-Clutter.
Hello to a swimming lesson at an earlier time this term.

How's the week looking for you?


Sian said...

Not too bad at all, thank you :) Feeling better than I have in weeks and on the lookout for some interesting things to do, I'm going to buy some felt this afternoon.

Tammy said...

Hope your week is wonderful! I'd really like to see that movie. :)

Beverly said...

I am actually excited for this week and have nothing spectacular on the calendar. Maybe it's that I, too am finally feeling healthy :)

Missus Wookie said...

Getting back to routine is nice isn't it? Hope you can find a hairdresser who listens and understands. Have a good week.

Liz said...

Another busy week. You should definitely find a new salon if he keeps cutting it too short even after telling him not to. Fingers crossed I get to see Les Mis for the first time! xx

debs14 said...

A busy week ahead! Definitely change hairdressers if they aren't listening to you. You pay a lot of money for a haircut so you want to be happy when you come out of the salon.

Alison said...

I agree about the hairdresser.
...Alison xx

humel said...

We're hoping to see Les Mis, though we're struggling to find a babysitter at the moment! I may ask my Mum, who wanted to come with us, but offer to go a second time to see it with her.... I'm sure I'd be more than happy to see it twice!

Wishing you a happy week with all the rest and reassurance of having that routine and structure once again x

Rhona said...

Looks like you've got a busy week ahead. We're also hoping to see Le Mis but might not be this week. Good luck with the hairdresser hunting x

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