Saturday, 9 February 2013

Scrapbook Saturday | Telling Tales

Miss Smith's Telling Tales is continuing apace and her suggestions for a different take on a page, combined with telling the story are consistently thought provoking and inspiring.
Prompt 2 was making use of hidden journaling, especially when part of the story you're telling is not for public consumption.
The tag behind the photo holds the extra part of the story about our move from London ~ house prices, ours and what we are looking at, and details of the school The Boy Child will hopefully be going to.  Hidden journaling is such an easy thing to achieve.  What's surprising is how often I think about adding it once I've stuck everything down.
Prompt 3 was about telling a story with a sequence of related photos.  I ended up making two pages.  One about my nephew being willing to pose for a professional photographer and one about a set of visits to family during the Christmas holidays.
These family photos suit being on a page together like this, with The Boy Child acting as the link.  I feel that it wouldn't work so well if they'd been separated in to three different layouts.
Prompt 4 was about making a page that both tells the story and contains a mini-book. When I first read the prompt, I thought it was a great idea, but probably not one that I would ever have cause to make use of.  However, after a call to an estate agent this week and a tally up of houses already viewed, I realised that I had the perfect use for such a page.
The mini-book's cover is actually the card that came with a Paperchase gift voucher.  I used washi tape to cover up the logo.  The page inserts are a mixture of Project Life journaling cards, some lined card I found in my embellishments' box and a postcard (included because the family of hedgehogs makes me think of the three of us looking for a new roof over our heads).
I felt that the quotation about houses being for living in and not for looking at for the page's title was perfect; a reminder not to stress over the number of houses we have already viewed.


Liz said...

They're all great but obviously I love the one of His Nibs best. Make the most of those pictures as you probably won't see any others until this summer :0)

Amy said...

That is one of the draw backs of digital scrapping, there is nowhere to hide the journaling ... however, having said that, when I was a fully fledged paper scrapper I only made one layout that had hidden journaling and it was a page for my local scrap shop and I knew it was going to be displayed on the wall there.

A little while ago Mum was reading through my 31 Things photobook and she put it down and remarked that she thought the journaling was personal reflection stuff ... well, yes it was and I was happy for her to read it, but perhaps she thought is it was too much for general perusal. Having said that, that photobook is not one I'd show just anyone.

After all that Ruth, what I really want to say is - your pages are great and the class sounds really thought provoking!

Kirsty.a said...

These pages look great.I love the sequence ones

Beverly said...

Wonderful carry through with the prompts, Ruth. I would never ever have thought of putting a mini book on a layout! Hope the house viewings are going well :)

Alison said...

Great idea to keep track of the viewings on a layout!...I've only used the first prompt so far!
Alison xx

Sian said...

These are beautiful pages Ruth. I did a thing on hidden journaling for 365 once, and what it made me realise was just how free-ing it really is. I started wondering, then, why I spend my time worrying about where to squeeze the writing on at all!

Missus Wookie said...

I like the hedgehog card - but we'd need a bigger umbrella here :) Beautiful pages - hidden journaling is something I do often, already have for PL gratitudes too.

Nice to see you getting time to scrap and follow the prompts.

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