Monday, 8 July 2013

Hello Monday

Hello summer!
Hello to one week until our holiday.
Hello to talking about Wimbledon at the school gates.
Hello to last coffee get together of the school year.
Hello to two full days left in school.
Hello to the paddling pool in the garden.
Hello to The Brainy One being abroad most of the week.
Hello to Speech Day on Wednesday.
Hello to supper out on Wednesday with The Boy Child and three of his friends.
Hello to double-checking our dog sitter/house sitter is still coming when they are supposed to.

How does your week look?


debs14 said...

Oh yes, I suspect a lot of us will be talking tennis today!
We still have two weeks to go at our school but this week sees our celebratory Awards Eve which I organise with another secretary. 62 silver cups or trophies, 70 school book prizes, 122 students photographs ... I feel exhausted already!

Mel said...

Wasn't the tennis great? I'm not even the biggest Murray fan! My week will be mostly waiting for my baby to arrive...

Ladkyis said...

two weeks until we take Miss Em to Fishguard for a week. Quite looking forward to it

Abi said...

The tennis was so good! We were on the edge of our seats. That meal out sounds wonderful. Hopefully you will have nice weather for speech day too.

Kirsty.A said...

Oh yes. Go Murray

Alison said...

Sounds like a nice last-week -of-school week!...I'm trying to stay cool!!
Alison xx

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