Saturday, 17 August 2013

Scrapbook Saturday

More pages about Florida.
It's astonishing how much was accomplished in The Boy Child's absence.
One about the helicopter ride we took on our last morning.
One about the lovely oasis of calm that is the town of Celebration.
One about our villa.  I would recommend it.
One about The Magic Kingdom.
One about our Guest Assistance Pass.  All the Parks have help available for children with additional needs. Parents just need to ask on arrival.  Disney's Guest Assistance Pass is the best, by far.
One about an indoor roller coaster I was persuaded to go on.  Never again.  Facebook friends will already know about this.
One about a visit to Central Florida's #1 Best Kept Secret ~ Fantasy of Flight.  We loved it.
You might have noticed that some of the designs look similar.  That's intentional, as the album as a whole will have a more cohesive look and feel.


Missus Wookie said...

So glad you had the passes. Wookie & Princess love the Rock n Roll roller coaster - the one in Paris is different/longer to the one in Florida... just in case anyone tries to convince you again ;)

Liz said...

More great layouts. Mine too are all of a similar style and papers. I think it makes the album feel that everything is connected. Haven't photographed anything yet but will get around to it eventually xxx

alexa said...

Lovely bright pages and I like the harmonised look. Is that stitched circles on your clever roller coaster LO? They look great! And your comment about getting loads done in the absence of your son made me smile. I think we can all empathise with you :).

scrappyjacky said...

You really have been busy....and I love the cohesive look.
An oasis of calm is a very good description of Celebration.

Sian said...

You've created some wonderful pages here. And as TSO is still talking about Florida for next year, I'm sure we will be looking for recommendations nearer the time!

furrypig said...

I would love to go back to Florida and your pages are wonderful glad you got to be so creative in the absence of your son

debs14 said...

This is going to be a fantastic album. Isn't it a great place for children?
I think I had my eyes closed on the few rides I went on when we went to Disney too!

Deb@threeisacharm said...

Fantastic job on your Florida pages - so colorful! A villa with a pool is definitely the way to go after a long, hot day at the parks.

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