Saturday, 31 August 2013

York: Part One

I haven't been to York in years.  It's so long ago that I think I must have been at Middle School, which dates it around 1980.
I had a simple plan.
Take The Boy Child to York by train.
Meet Mum there.
Go to the National Railway Museum.
Explore within the City Walls.
Stare at the majestic beauty that is York Minster.
Stay overnight in a hotel.
Go to the National Railway Museum again.
Say goodbye to Mum.
Get the train back to London.

That didn't happen.
The train sat at a station for two hours after the train ahead of us brought down the overhead power lines.
We arrived in York four hours late.
Mum had checked us in to the hotel, which was conveniently next to the station.  Bag drop, supper (if you can call it that) in a well known burger place and an evening stroll.
The Boy Child was taken with the street theatre.
 The Minster was never more lovely in the early evening sunshine
 The Shambles were as interesting as I recalled.
The street names made us laugh.
Can you imagine living in a place where a road was built/named in 1505?
And we were treated to a beautiful sunset.
This carousel was in the grounds of our hotel.  The Boy Child called it the York Eye.
Bedtime for The Boy Child.
Mummy and Granny not that far behind him.
Hotel fire alarm sounded at 03.50 hours.  Building evacuated.  I was very glad Mum had read the Fire Evacuation Plan on the back of our room door.
We stood in the hotel grounds for half an hour.  In the dark.  In our pyjamas.
Nice looking hotel, isn't it?
They say that things come in threes.
In Part Two, we finally make it to the National Railway Museum.


Jane said...

I loved my visit to York a few years ago, I hope you were not too tired to enjoy it.

Jo.C said...

What an eventful day (and night) hope you had a bit more control the next day. I always wonder how long it takes him to put the purple make up on everyday or does he just stay purple? He is always the no matter what the weather!

Kirsty.A said...

Oh dear. Hope you don't get a third mishap

Denise said...

How annoying when the train holds you up - I love the photo of the boy child with the street theatre man it's brilliant x

Abi said...

Oh no! I hate delayed trains. Did you know that you can email the train company and they will pay you back your full fair if you were an hour or more delayed. I had this on one of my trips back to Durham and managed to get the money back.

The York minster is so beautiful. We wanted to look inside when we visited but weren't prepared to pay nine pounds! You have captured the shambles well too. I never saw that funny named road. I will have to look out for it next time I visit!

Robyn said...

Looks beautiful!!

Particularly sorry about the middle of the night fire alarm. :(

Missus Wookie said...

Oh ugh on the delay and fire alarm. Glad Abi mentioned the compensation - hope you can get some and that the next day was less of a 'shambles' ;)

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