Monday, 16 September 2013

Hello Monday

Hello to another reasonably full week.
Hello to dance class.
Hello to preparing for second-hand uniform sale at school.
Hello to running second-hand uniform sale at school.
Hello to The Boy Child going on a school trip ~ London Eye and Aquarium.
Hello to helping at Thursday afternoon swimming. Forty children.
Hello to the Brainy One being away for three days.

How does your week look?


debs14 said...

I remember being a helper at primary swimming lessons! Was ok in summer when the girls were in dresses and socks, but come tight weather ... Oh the pickles they got themselves into with trying to get damp legs into tights! It wasn't much better helping with the boys, 15 ties to retie before they got back on the coach! I know that the teacher will be so grateful for your help.

Sian said...

Forty children? That sounds noisy!

Damp legs into tights..that's bringing back the memories..

alexa said...

Ooh, that trip looks like great fun - and so early in the term too! Wondering what sort of dance you are doing :).

Abi said...

Oh my word that swimming sounds scary! Forty children! phew!
Hope TBC enjoys the trip.

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