Thursday, 12 September 2013

One Photo | Twenty Words

Year One to Year Two.
 New teacher.  
Thirteen classmates.
  Higher expectations.
  Longer days.
 More one-to-one help needed.

One Photo | Twenty Words was the brain child of Abi at Creating Paper Dreams.  Hop on over to see what she had to say: go here.


Denise said...

Great photo and words,I've joined in too :-)

Abi said...

Beautiful combination Ruth. I love the shot of him walking off. Hope the transition is going ok. Thinking of you both.

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Perfect, Ruth. I love the photo and have been thinking about your boy this week. {{{hugs}}}

debs14 said...

Lovely picture and word combination. Hope the new term settles down soon x

scrappyjacky said...

Just a perfect combination.
I noticed your comment on Kirsty's blog about all the homework....and so agree with you.

Unknown said...

I got your card and The Boy Child's picture in the mail yesterday and it totally made my day!! He is so handsome. Hope he's loving his new class so far! <3

Amy said...

Oooh, you have done well Ruth!
New year transitions are not easy - I had to investigate Jacky's reference to homework and I have to say, if his homework is anything like what our two get then I completely get where you are coming from. Admittedly, it does change slightly from teacher to teacher in terms of their expectations and modifications (if needed)Yr 3 was simply beserk for TTYO but Yr 4 has seen a clearer focus and more relevant work which has made the world of difference even though there is still quite a bit.

Good luck! :)

alexa said...

Perfect! Hoping it all goes well and that the help is there for him. I am late and catching up and hope this first week has gone well for you all.

Alison said...

Love this idea...I've really enjoyed. Catching up with your WITL too!
Alison xx

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