Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Simply a Moment

"Right, that's me away; I've a meeting at nine."
And with that the Headmaster leaves the basement dining room.
I'm there because it's coffee-morning-with-second-hand-uniform-sale morning, which I run with the other Ruth.  At almost nine o'clock, the parents have gone.
There is still a fair amount of uniform piled up on one of the dining tables, mostly larger-sized jumpers. Blazers and PE kit have sold well.
Not moving so well was the tea and coffee.  No-one appeared to have time to stop and chat over a cuppa. But I managed two cups of tea (and a chocolate chip cookie).
I begin putting uniform back in to the storage boxes.  The other Ruth counts the money.  We return cups, saucers and a tray of biscuits to the kitchen.  Chef is making meat balls for lunch.  The Boy Child will be delighted.
We lug the boxes back up the stairs and leave them outside the Head's office.  We can't put them away because his previously mentioned meeting is under way.  The other Ruth hands the money over to the Bursar and cheerfully announces that we made a little over £150.
Not bad for a little over an hour's work.
Not bad at all.
09.10 hours, Tuesday, 17 September, 2013

Alexa, of Trimming the Sails, invites people to share a moment with her around this date of each month. Nothing fancy, just a few well chosen words, or a photo, or a scrapbook page.
What's your moment?    


Sian said...

No, not bad at all. You have brought it all back and I love it.

Ladkyis said...

Oh that brings back memories of schools and Brownies and Guides. I don't think there was a single new Guide Blouse for the new guides the whole time I was running the company. We used the money we made towards camping gear.

Deb @ Paper Turtle said...

This is a really interesting moment for me to read because there are several terms that are common for you but curious for me. Glad the sale was a success!

Melissa Stebbins said...

Well done on your successful morning, although it would have been nice I suppose to include a bit more socialising.

alexa said...

So glad that your sterling efforts raised so much cash but sharing your dispirited feeling about the busyness which precludes a bit of chat and community. Not to mention all that energy ... Vividly described with the basement and the lugging of boxes, and you have my muscles aching in sympathy! Thank you so much for joining in this month Ruth, especially when your life is so full - a pleasure to see you!

Miriam said...

Well done I would say! A lovely moment which brought back memories for me too.

Jennie said...

well done on your total raised.This brought back some good memories for me from my days working in a school - Thank you so much for sharing I really enjoyed reading your moment. J x

Cheri said...

I well remember the days of used clothing sales for the Mothers of Multiples Group. Well organized always did so much better than haphazard! Kudos for a successful sale!

Becky said...

Well, this brought back memories! Thanks for sharing your moment and glad you raised a tidy sum for the school. xx

Cris AdF said...

As you said, not but at all!!


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