Sunday, 27 October 2013

Half Term: Week One: Photo Heavy

Not everything went according to plan, but it was still a great week.
There was time with my mum and sister ~ the three of us together.
 There were two daughters and two grandsons under mum's roof for a few days.
 There were trips to museums ...
 ... in a city with a rich and diverse history.
 There was homework on a train.
There were beautiful steam trains, A4 pacific class.  And me subsequently learning that Mallard's driver was the great-uncle of a former boyfriend of mine.
 There were glorious Autumnal days.
 There was an impromptu recital of a Harvest poem.
 There was breakfast in an hotel.
 There was walking the city walls in the rain.
And as we head in to week two, I'm hoping to slow the pace down.
There will be walks in the park with the pooch.
There will be the dreaded homework to finish.
There will be a visit to the Tower of London and maybe another back to the London Transport Museum.
There will be a visit to Holiday Gym Club for The Boy Child so that I can go to Dance class.
There will be a huge storm to sit out.
There will be thinking about Christmas and writing a letter to Santa.

How have you filled your half term, if you have one?


alexa said...

You have had a whale of a time, despite the glitches! Those Mallard trains are superb, and what a dedicated little boy to be doing homework on the train :).

Abi said...

Oh York. Such a pretty place. It looks like you had a really lovely time! Hope week two goes well.

furrypig said...

just a week of half term for us though I have to work most of it. We are going to carve some pumpkins and decorate the house for halloween, plus we have 2 family get togethers including stir up sunday.... can't wait!.

Enjoy week 2 xxx

debs14 said...

Just one week for us, and it starts tomorrow. I guess any plans will depend on whether or not the storms are as bad as they are forecasting!
I have sewing and meeting up with friends for coffee on my agenda.

Sian said...

Two daughters and two grandsons is a special took me by surprise the first time we managed it!

Our half term has started with some pumpkin carving this afternoon

Carrie Rosalind said...

You take the best photos of TBC to document his life. I'm sure someday he will love looking back on all of these.

Amy said...

It might have been busy but it looks as though it has been a lot of fun!

Liz said...

Looks like a good week. Hope next week is as good. Did TBC like his book? xxx

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