Monday, 21 October 2013

Hello Monday

Hello week one of half-term.
Hello to the dreaded holiday homework.  The Boy Child achieved free reader status last Thursday.  Well done, The Boy Child!
Hello to The Boy Child's annual appointment at the dentist.  He lost another tooth on Sunday afternoon, making a total of 7 teeth lost this year.
Hello to travelling by train to visit Granny.
Hello to seeing my sister and nephew, who also happen to be staying with Granny. Yay!
Hello to travelling to York on Friday for the Great Gathering.
Hello to a less exciting visit to York than last time.
Hello to returning to London at the weekend.
Hello to then making plans for week two of half-term.
How does your week look?


Sian said...

Holiday homework..ack!

we've started on a (dentist themed) high ..just heard the braces can come off!

Alison said...

Enjoy your week..I am off to Scotland on Friday for a few days
Alison xx

Deb @ Paper Turtle said...

Sounds like a lot of exciting travel in your future. No travel for me, but I do have a blog friend coming to visit at the end of this week. :o)

Abi said...

Well done to the boy child on becoming a free reader. What a star! Here's hoping your trip is a bit smoother. I'll be sending happy thoughts to you in York which isn't too far away from me!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

I enjoy seeing what you are up to across the pond. xo

alexa said...

You have two weeks at half term? Oh good grief, you have my sympathies! Well done on the reader status :) and hope the presence of family members makes the first week go with a swing.

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