Thursday, 10 October 2013

Right Now ...

I am wondering if the yellow in The Boy Child's playroom isn't perhaps a little too yellow?
I have driven the car twice this week.  Go me!  Regular readers will know that I can go weeks without driving the car.  An advantage of living in London.
I am enjoying helping out at school swimming.  If only photography was allowed.
I think that we are on the way to establishing a good and productive working relationship with The Boy Child's teacher.
I am thinking that the box set of The Sopranos is just as good second time around.
I have begun to clear those UFOs* that every paper crafter has.  Journaling still required for a trip from over two years ago, anyone?
I have realised that Autumn's weather has arrived with a bang.  Indoor activities are needed for weekend adventures.  This weekend: London Transport Museum in Covent Garden.
I have realised that I can no longer send The Boy Child to school in shorts.
I haven't read any fiction in what seems like months.  Certainly not since we came back from holiday at the end of July.  Suggestions?

What are you thinking about, feeling, hoping for, struggling with, watching, listening to, celebrating right now? 
* UFO is an unfinished object.


Kirsty.A said...

I like the yellow. And actually I like the crisp coldness too. Can't think of any fiction suggestions - haven't read anything I've really loved for a while

simply bev said...

He's adorable! I recently finished The Girl in Hyacinth Blue and liked it very much.

Amy said...

We've had a few changes this term regarding after school activities and we are realising that the kids are growing up and we need to consult one another far more carefully than ever to avoid double booking!

Beverly said...

TBC is looking so grown! I am hoping for a beautiful weekend weather wise for my brother in law's wedding. Struggling with some medically required diet changes and celebrating our family being together.

Ladkyis said...

It's only because it's new. When you have all the "stuff" in there and perhaps some pictures on the wall it will fade into the background.

Mary Lou said...

Too yellow? Maybe once you have lived with the room colour for a few weeks it will settle & of course the light will change the hue several times a day. Craft UFO - it is the journaling that is lingering on so many pages. For a book recommendation; I just finished "The Woman Upstairs" by Claire Messud. I liked but glad I borrowed from the library.

Sian said...

Our autumn comes and then it goes again. Today is gorgeous.

For reading I'm telling everyone to try The 100 year old man who climbed out the windoe.

debs14 said...

Best books I've read recently are Kate Morton's Secret Keeper and The Abomination by Jonathan Holt. I like the sunny feel of the yello and it will mellow as you put things back in the room.