Thursday, 23 January 2014


Sometimes I get restless.
I make a plan and it usually involves a huge shopping mall not that far away.
I make a list of anything I might need that I can't get locally, because the shopping mall has much larger versions of our local high street chains.
And I treat myself to lunch.
Which usually involves hot tea, a toasted panini sandwich and maybe a cake.
A glossy magazine.
And I'm good for another few more weeks of same old.


Ladkyis said...

I don't leave the house on my own so restlessness can only be cured by Mr M taking me out somewhere. This usually takes the form of a drive to somewhere, lunch - usually in Morrisons cos their food is good - then a bit more of a drive then home. I used to worry that Mr M had to do the driving until I heard him answer the question "What's you favourite hobby" with "Driving". Now we just go out when we can.

alexa said...

Nothing like a spot of retail therapy :). Time in a café on one's own is always such a luxury, I think!

Alison said...

I'm not a great shopper, and having spent a week in shopper's paradise I've had my fix for a while! I'm actually quite looking forward to NOT having such a huge choice of options when I buy anything when I get home ;;)
Alison xx

Karen said...

I treat myself to a cooked breakfast every Saturday before I do the weekly shop and 'in town, jobs and this includes the Saturday paper and a cup of tea!

Sian said...

I know that feeling..used to get it more when my two were little and getting out involved a lot of organisation. And yes, a glossy magazine always helped! It still does

Missus Wookie said...

Looks nice!

Not much of a shopper but do want to get out. Especially since I work from home getting out is often a good thing, I love having a bit of time to just chill and relax with someone else making the food and clearing up.

Miriam said...

Hot chocolate with a friend perks me up!

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