Sunday, 26 January 2014

Sunday Evenings

I like Sunday evenings.
We listen to Paul O'Grady on BBC Radio 2, once we are home from The Boy Child's swimming lesson.
I listen to The Brainy One and The Boy Child reading together.
I make sure all the relevant school uniform is ironed ready for the week ahead.
The Brainy One usually supervises The Boy Child's bath time.
I watch Call the Midwife and Mr Selfridge.
A very pleasant couple of hours.

How do you spend your Sunday evenings?


Liz said...

I do the tidying up after your BIL has made supper, catch up on some blogging, make a cuppa, watch Call the Midwife (normally by myself) then watch Musketeers with hubby and sometimes the Teenager. Tonight I have the added bonus of sewing the hem on school trousers. Lucky me!!!

Sian said...

Well, last night I knitted and listened to TSO playing her flute. That's about average for a Sunday night

alexa said...

You look very productively busy and entertained at the same time. I like to make sure things are ready for the week ahead too.

Mary Lou said...

Right now Sunday nights include Masterpiece Theatre; Downton Abbey and then Sherlock, all the while a lovely fire & mugs of tea warm us on a blustery winter's night. I like your apron, I have some scrap paper that is similar.

Deb @ Paper Turtle said...

This is a cool post, Ruth, and I love the photo of you ironing. It's a good one for Project Life!

My Sunday evenings are usually spent wrapping up weekend activities like laundry and house-stuff. Sometimes we'll watch TV together depending on if there's something we can agree on. I liked having a little peek into your Sunday evenings! :o)

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