Friday, 21 February 2014

Five on Friday

Five things about my Friday:
1) Mum had to go home today.  The Brainy One cheekily said that he looked forward to the day she retired so that she could spend more time with us.
 2) A dry 72 hours, but yet more rain is forecast.
3) Working on Project Life while The Boy Child played with his Lego.  We had one eye on the Gold medal match in the Men's Curling.  Painful to watch, but still a superb achievement for Team GB.
 4) Baking scones.
5) Encouraging The Boy Child to practice, practice, practice his handwriting.
How does your Friday look?


Deb @ Paper Turtle said...

Oh those scones look delicious, and I love seeing TBC's handwriting. Some of my most treasured pieces are those that have little Carrie's early penmanship. ♥

Have a great weekend! xo

Margaret J said...

Retire? I had three messages on the answering machine when I arrived home- but decided that only two had to be dealt with!

helena said...

great looking scones and a lovely scene of PL and lego side by side

Missus Wookie said...

I like the look of those scones and the shared table. Does TBC write stuff for PL? I love seeing all the different handwriting in my albums.

Liz said...

Yes please to a scone xx

Sian said...

When my sister was doing HE O Level she had to make we ate them for weeks on end. I know what you mean - they get kind of addictive

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