Monday, 10 February 2014


We British like to talk about the weather.
A lot.
And right now, the weather is giving us plenty to talk about.
But, you know, just occasionally somethings happens in the sky and we stop to look.
 ~ view from our loft Velux windows; 2.25pm today ~
 ~ through the car windscreen, en route to friends in the country; 8 February ~  
 ~ heading home, through the car windscreen again, 9 February ~
There's something magical about rainbows.
They are supposedly God's promise to never flood the world again.
Which isn't much comfort if you are currently flooded, is it?  

Rinda has a beautiful shot of a rainbow on her blog here.


Mary Lou said...

I thought we Canadians talked about the weather a lot. Of course because we talk so much about the winter weather of late, we have a few new words to throw in to liven the conversation up; Polar Vortex & Snow Event are two, meaning it is cold and there is more snow on the way. There I just proved we do talk a lot about weather (lol).

Liz said...

Can't beat a good rainbow to set you up for the day. xx

alexa said...

Aren't they lovely? Very pretty ... Yes, it is ironic, isn't it :(.

Deb @ Paper Turtle said...

Haha - I always wondered how that promise from God made sense when the only time you see rainbows is when there's rain. :o)

Anyway, your rainbow photos are lovely, Ruth! Love them!

Amy said...

I had that question too Deb!

Love rainbows and the kids get so excited when they see one!

Miriam said...

I didn't know that, if I had known it I would be asking the same question! Lovely pictures, I like the one through the trees.

Beverly said...

So pretty, special that second photo. Rainbows only come after the rains have stopped ;) I have always heard ya'll like to talk about the weather but think it may be universal lol There is a meme of "if you don't like the weather in _____ just wait 15 minutes" People form everywhere seem to post it :) We are expected several inches of snow and some ice over the next 3 days. Next week we will hover around 68 the entire week @@

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