Monday, 10 March 2014

Home Is In The Details

Recently I have had cause to think about the details of where I live.
I live in this house because it came with The Brainy One when I married him.
It's the only home The Boy Child has ever known.
Lots of the minutiae of our lives is recorded in Project Life, but only as the background to a photo.
When I read Cathy Zielske's blog this morning, I decided to take a leaf out of her book.
Ta dah!  Drum roll and all that ...
I give you three photos of bedside tables (what our American friends would call night stands).
Lamp | Bose radio/CD player/alarm clock | two photos (one of us on our wedding day and one of The Boy Child as a baby) | three books: Hands Free Mama, The Great Escaper and City of Women | empty glasses case | battery operated alarm clock | Poalie (a gift from my first ever boyfriend).
The Brainy One's:
Lamp | a photo of him with The Boy Child and his dad | a selection of magazines | two books: The Dodger and The Exploration of Space | a probably-not-clean- hankie | a light clip for books.
The Boy Child's:
Lamp | three photos (two of his cousin and one of his Godfather looking uber-cool at work) | three books: Billionaire Boy, one about the Lancaster aircraft and one about trains | Doctor Who Top Trumps cards | fold up map about the stars.
Which details would you record about your home right now?
Becky Higgins had a post back in August, 2013 about a similar theme.


Sian said...

I did a page on bedside tables for Get It Scrapped, and it made me realise what a great illustration they are of the things we like to keep close to us. It's a while since I took the picture for that, so thanks to your post today for inspiring me to go and take a new set of pictures. For today's details.

Kirsty.A said...

what a great idea for photos

furrypig said...

interesting insight into what you keep close to you. I love all the photos and the fact that everyone in your house has a book!

Missus Wookie said...

I like the idea of what you are into right here and now.

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

I love that you showed all three of your nightstands, Ruth. :o)

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