Thursday, 13 March 2014

In the Garden

I've been gardening.
The reality is that I have been weeding, sweeping the path and planting some bulbs.
The bulbs will have to fend for themselves.
Copious amounts of dog wee.
 London clay in the soil.
But judging by the amount of new growth visible, I'm hopeful.


Sian said...

Sometimes the repetitive nature of weeding can be very relaxing..or is that just me?! looks good

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

So lovely to see things blooming around your place, Ruth. My garden really needs some attention...

simply bev said...

Nice looking blooms! We're having an extra long winter here so it's going to be a while yet for me!

Karen said...

We only have one little flower bed which is sadly neglected as neither of us likes gardening and against all odds the primroses in that bed are in bloom. Nature is a wonderful thing.

Missus Wookie said...

London clay is heavy going but fertile at least. Lovely looking flowers and growth.