Thursday, 8 May 2014


I've been scrapbooking for a little over 8 years.
I would describe my level as Intermediate, with an occasional foray into Advanced.
I'm happy with this level.
I make pages to be looked at by my family and friends.
I make pages to tell a story.
I make pages to share memories.
Things don't always go to plan.
A mistake becomes a design feature.
As in the page above where the lower half of the journaling doesn't follow the lines perfectly.
No-one will even notice, probably.  So why worry about it?
I don't buy a lot of stash on a regular basis, which is a good thing.
And in reality, London is very poorly served by craft shops that sell scrapbooking stuff.
However, one product I really, really like is the Project Life range by Becky Higgins.
~ design inspired by Ali Edwards ~
I find that I'm using the pocket cards on more and more traditional scrapbook pages and I like the finished look.  Plus I'm making a dent in the rather large amount of PL products in my craft space.  (There was a great class on Big Picture Classes recently about this very topic.  Scrapping with Pocket Cards, not the size of my PL stash!)
I'm not adverse to embellishing as I go, either.  Something I just didn't do when I started out.  I'm also creating far more double page spreads and using a lot more photos on them.  Single pages have, of late, seen the use of two 6x4 photos, one largish piece of patterned paper and a cluster or two of embellishments.
One thing I learned early on was that there is no right way or wrong way to scrapbook. And once you realise that, it's actually rather freeing.
How would you say your scrapbooking has evolved over the years?  I know that Sian is currently experimenting with 8.5x11 as a page size.
Traditional scrapbooker or Project Lifer?
Single or double pages?
Sketches or free flow?


Anonymous said...

Great post Ruth and I love the layout. When I started back in the early 90's I used far more embellishments now I hardly use any and my pages are far more simple and my albums are more coordinated.

Melissa said...

Hi Ruth - thanks for stopping by my blog! I, too, enjoyed the Scrapbooking Outside the Pocket class & was inspired to create quite a few layouts from the class materials. My scrapbooking has evolved from taping memorabilia (& a few photos) into an old scrapbook as a child to a similar level as yours (intermediate with forays into advanced). I like all kinds of scrapbooking now and create a variety of sizes of layouts.

alexa said...

That's a nice couple of questions :). I can see how creatively you use the little pocket cards in your lovely PL pages, and in others too. Me? I started 12x12 and then quickly discovered Cathy Zielske and Clean and Simple which just suited me. I enjoy forays into other things, and love interactive flaps, folds etc., and a dollop of artsy. Anything goes, i think!

Diane said...

Hi! What interesting questions! Looking back at the pages I've made, I realise that I prefer square pages whether they are 12x12 or 8x8 pages. I also tend to work from the colors in the photographs and choose paper and embellishments in order to highlight the pictures, with less rather than more, style wise. I alter between making a single page with an enlargement or double spreads when I have of photos I want to use. I'd like to be more comfortable including more journalling on my pages, but often only use a sentence or two of text.

Amy said...

The biggest evolution for me has been the change to a full digital photobook, can't say I miss the paper at all and as you say, this is a versatile hobby that accommodates all styles and variations .... thank goodness!

Karen said...

I think that my scrapping is constantly evolving and now like to make the occasional mixed media page which I never thought I would this time last year.

furrypig said...

I love your scrapping style, my pages are all simple usually clean straight lines not very messy or arty or highly embellished but they (usually) make me happy. I do try new things sometimes and am dabbling with more photos on a page/making more DLO's and I have also started a PL style album since March this year as I was so inspired after seeing someone else's album in real life

Sian said...

Great question. I think constant evolution for me too. When I started I was simply delighted to find that cutting up paper was a hobby and I made lots of pages with fussy cutting because I enjoyed doing it. But as I went along I found out that the pages with longevity are the ones with the story. I still love cutting up paper and I love how scrapbooking has brought me back to telling stories too, but now my pages are becoming simpler. I think. I like to try new things and I like to make use of my enjoyment of other crafts to add embellishment to my pages. I totally agree that being able to adapt when something goes wrong is the key to enjoying it all

Unknown said...

What great pages - I am scrap lifting these layout ideas. Thanks.

Unknown said...

oh yes, I am an evolved 12X12" all the way and I scrap lift many many ideas. I use traditional scrapbooks for many of my themed albums, such as garden, cats, horses, waterfalls Project Life for the day to day album. Since I am not really artistically gifted, scrapping is a great outlet for needs of being creative.

Liz said...

Any scrapping at the moment would be a bonus. Will try harder in the future!!

Becky said...

A good question! I am using PL cards on standard 12x12 layouts which is my usual size. I have one album where I create 8x8 which I find quite challenging as there doesn't seem to be much space and I like to embellish! I also do much more layering than when I first started out. My starting point for a layout is nearly always a sketch, but quite often the finished layout will look nothing like it!

Missus Wookie said...

Neat questions and answers. My style evolves with how much time I have to play as well as what I like. Pages with stories and clean lines are still my favourites, although I do like to ink and get mucky :)

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