Saturday, 28 June 2014


We should have known.
It's Wimbledon.
It's Glastonbury weekend.
Of course it was going to rain.
And boy, did it rain.
We carried on regardless.
Having been to the local DIY store to purchase two gazebos.
Much to the amusement of all our overseas friends.
There were plenty of comments along the lines of, "How terribly British!"  
But you know what?  That British stiff upper lip prevailed and everyone had a good time.
The pooch in particular.


Unknown said...

Well done -the stii upper lip always prevail. Love the photo of the chef!

helena said...

thank goodness for gazebos - wonderful array of happy faces under yours

debs14 said...

Us Brits won't let a little (?) bit of rain spoil our plans! Glad you had a good time.

Sian said...

I'm glad the rain didn't stop play!

I was at a BBQ last year which had to be taken into the garage..the men sat in there tending the fire and the women sat inside watching the news about the flash floods

Liz said...

Good old British weather. A little rain never stopped us having a BBQ or snow come to think of it xx

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