Sunday, 22 June 2014

Photography Scavenger Hunt

Two more items ticked off this weekend.
#12: A mascot.
"Pride", Team GB's mascot from the London Olympics in 2012.
#21: A photo of me with something that represents the season.
You can't get more summery than The Boy Child's factor 50 suncream.
How are you getting on with your list?


debs14 said...

Two brilliant pictures!

Sian said...

Actually sent TTO to a cricket match with sunscreen yesterday....summer has finally arrived here!

I'm saving my list up to see how many I can find on holiday

Maria Ontiveros said...

Really cute mascot, and I like the depth of field in your second shot. YOu're doing great on finding things.

Jane said...

great photos, I'm taking my time this year trying to find the perfect shot!

Becky said...

That sun cream shot is great!

Alison said...

Love the sunscreen not quite sure where to find a mascot around here!
Alison xx

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