Monday, 30 June 2014

Project Life | Overview

Back in January, I posted a few thoughts on compiling Project Life for my family.
As we are now halfway through 2014, I feel it's time a little more reflection.
I plan to continue with a daily format, one week per double spread.
I'm currently using two albums a year: January - June, July - December.
Given that by the end of the year I will have seven albums (I began Project Life on 1 April, 2011, so that first album has 8 months worth of life recorded in it) on the shelf, I need to find a different way of documenting our lives.
Should I dispense with a separate "Year XX" album in favour of an album containing both Project Life pages and traditional scrapbook pages?
Should I move on to a monthly format, like Elise Blaha?
Should I stop?  That's not really an option.  I like Project Life.  A lot.
I recommend Project Life as a way to get started with scrapbooking when people ask me about it.
I gave my sister an oh-gosh-you-really-are-emigrating-aren't-you? gift of Project Life album, pages and journaling cards.  If there was ever a time to fully record what's going on in your life, then that's it.
Project Life has its place in modern memory keeping, absolutely.

Suggestions as to the way forward for me are welcome.


Kirsty.A said...

I'm enjoying monthly PL combined with 12x12 pages and I'll have got a full academic year (Sep to July) in my album

Amy said...

I'd combine regular pages and PL pages - but I've always scrapped like that with everything in together.
Really, the answer is that you need start digi versions .... ;)

helena said...

a year ago I was having the same thoughts and decided to do PL digi and not print them (I have them as a slideshow to view)

Liz said...

I've started writing things in my book but will need to wait 6 weeks for the album etc to arrive xx

Maria Ontiveros said...

It's been really interesting tonight, as I've been doing a lot of catching up, that so many people are reflecting on PL and scrapbooking. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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