Saturday, 21 June 2014

Summer Saturday | Photo Heavy

We spent the day up in Chelsea with our Chelsea Pensioner friend.
He's been a little under the weather and I wanted the opportunity to see how he was doing.
Not that I told him I was checking up on him, of course.
Lunch al fresco.
Walking in the grounds.
Meeting more Pensioners.
More football stickers.
Post lunch drinks.

How was your Saturday?


debs14 said...

I've spent a lot of it in the garden, chasing a certain furry family member out of the flower beds where she is enjoying digging in the earth!

Abi said...

I love that portrait of you Ruth. Beautiful. My brother (who is 18) is really into those football stickers too! They trade them with each other at school would you believe!

My saturday was spent in the sun watching the cricket. Glorious! Although I forgot suncream so I am doing a marvellous imitation of a lobster at the moment.

Amy said...

That looks like a wonderful day Ruth - you all look so warm and sunny!

Sian said...

Lovely pictures! Not the best Saturday I've ever spent, but football stickers and BBQ did help

Anonymous said...

Great pictures Ruth. It looks like it was a lovely day to be out and about.

Becky said...

Some lovely photos here Ruth, especially the one of you. I had a great Saturday at the Harry Potter Studio Tour and then afternoon tea at my parents' with all my family.

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