Sunday, 8 June 2014

The Things He Says #602

Me: "We musn't forget your swimming lesson later this afternoon.  Daddy's not up to taking you, so I'll go with you."
The Boy Child: "I want Granny to come."
Me: "Okay, I'll ask her."
The Boy Child: "I want her to take me, not you."
Me: "Oh. Okay, I'll ask her."
~ Florida: July 2013 ~
So I confer with my mum and she says she is happy to take The Boy Child to his swimming lesson.
Granny: "The Boy Child, I'm taking you to your swimming lesson.  Is that okay?"
The Boy Child: "Old people are allowed."


Margaret J said...

Big smile!

Liz said...

I hope the old person managed to get him there ok? xxx

Amy said...

Yes, did granny manage with such a task?

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