Sunday, 1 June 2014

Three's a Crowd

Someone said to me recently that I hardly ever blogged about weekend or school holiday adventures that included all three of us.
They'd be right.
Because trips out with the three of us don't happen very often.
The dynamics change.
It isn't fun.
Especially if you happen to be Mummy.
Here's an example.
The Brainy One and The Boy Child were ready to go to the park before I was.  They don't bother so much with the social niceties of showering or teeth cleaning.
"Catch us up when you're ready, "The Brainy One suggested.
I found them in the park's cafe.
"Oh, it's you," said The Boy Child.
"He's been great ... until you arrived!" said The Brainy One.
"You should go home," said The Boy Child.
I left.
And went shopping.      


helena said...

hope it was fun shopping with a nice treat included and not just supermarket shopping

Sian said...

An interesting observation indeed.

Ladkyis said...

That's male bonding that is and sometimes it can sound rude. Next time - note that I am expecting it to happen again - you must insist that they say "you should go home please". Then you can leave and do stuff that is just for you.............. not a bad idea to take the chance of "me" time

debs14 said...

I do think that sometimes kids find it hard to share their parents and because they spend so much time with Mum, being with Dad is a big thing. Good for boys to spend male bonding time, while you can take advantage and have some 'me' time. They don't realise it can sound a bit hurtful!

Lynn said...

Ruth - I have two girls but its always Daddy bonding time they crave. I always feel like the big bad monster that spoils their fun and tells them to tidy their room! Obviously Daddy is the one that is around less and he does the fun stuff. However saying that my girls (now 10 and 13) know that I am the one that hangs everything together and makes it all happen. Enjoy your me time while you can grab it.

Missus Wookie said...

Hope the me time was relaxing!

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