Friday, 18 July 2014

Five on Friday

1) The holiday haircut.  Less is more in this hot weather. 
 But perhaps not this much less.
 2) Playing Shut the Box, a maths game that doesn't feel like a maths game.
 3) Flowers for a friend.
 4) The first Red Cross parcel sent to Texas.
5) The Boy Child having a playdate with The Good Friend and the first thing they want to do is play tennis.  In this heat.
How does your Friday look?
Summer 500: 444.


Liz said...

Oh dear that's a short, short haircut. I rememeber the time you DN has his cut that short I cried. xxx

Unknown said...

Thankfully hair will grow quickly!
Flowers will surely be appreciated as will that Red Cross parcel!

Ladkyis said...

Yahtsee is also a good maths game that isn't a maths game. I remember the first time Miss Em played Yahtsee she was so enthralled with adding up the dice and learning different ways to make the same number that she never once realised it was a learning experience

Alison said...

He looks very pleased with the haircut!!
Alison xx

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