Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Mix and Match

By the law of averages, not every day of the summer holidays can be filled with limitless excitement and adventures.
Chores.  The mundane.  The everyday.
They have their place and, ideally, should be done as soon as possible.
Such as the purchasing of socks, pants and new school shirts (on the last day of the 20% off sale).
Which then leaves time for the purchase of new summer sandals.
And a visit to the bookshop.
Perhaps it's time to discover Tintin?
 Or absorb more knowledge about space and the planets.
 But football wins the day.
There are activities planned for tomorrow and Thursday, along with a playdate on Friday afternoon.
Next week he is staying with Granny for 4 nights.  On.  His.  Own.

Summer 500: 469 to go.


debs14 said...

Four whole nights! Wow, I hope Granny is prepared! I'm sure he'll be a little angel for her.
Always good to get those back to school purchases over and done with as soon as possible - now he can have some fun!

Unknown said...

Hoping for good weather next week. We usually have adventures and his friend Little Miss is looking forward to seeing him.

Abi said...

I loved Tintin! Such a fab series. Hope it goes well with Granny!

Missus Wookie said...

We still have TinTin here - hope the visit to Granny goes well.

Amy said...

I run with the same theory - I get the painful jobs done very early in the holidays and then we are free to relax!

Oooh, 4 whole nights with Granny - what an adventure! What are your plans?

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