Thursday, 24 July 2014

Summer Sculpture | Photo Heavy

Another gorgeous day in London and another day for being outside.
The City of London, just like last year, is hosting Sculpture in the City.
Last year, we visited over the weekend when the City is quiet.  Today, I was astonished at how many people were eating and/or drinking al fresco on the terraces outside office buildings in the middle of the afternoon.  It has hard to imagine much work actually being done.
Secret Affair (Silver) by Jim Lambie
Stairs by Lynn Chadwick
Deadly Nightshade by Julian Wild
Flow: Edge: Flux: Within: Fall by Paul Hosking
Salvia by Julian Wild
Shapes in the Clouds I, IV, V by Peter Randall-Page
Box Sized DIE featuring Unfathomable Ruination by Joao Onofre
This piece seriously annoyed me.  It seems that each evening a band called Unfathomable Ruination (no, me neither) climb into the box to play until the air inside runs out or they pass out, leaving the "audience" to sense or feel vibrations.  Pur-leese. This is not art.
Work Scaffolding Sculpture by Ben Long
It appears that we were looking at this from the wrong angle.  Looked at the correct way, it spells work. Doh. 
High Wind IV by Lynn Chadwick
Southern Shade I; Southern Shade V by Nigel Hall
Kiss by Nigel Hall 
False Ceiling by Richard Wentworth
This was by far the piece that we liked best and Leadenhall Market was a perfect setting for it.
Time here becomes Space, Space here becomes Time by Cerith Wyn Evans
 Parallel Field by Anthony Gormley
This was the only piece that was still in place from last year.  You can find it on St. Mary Axe until October of this year. 
I'm still not really one for modern art; I do like art to have a point.  Having said that, we enjoyed an hour looking for and looking at these pieces.  
Modern art.  Does it do it for you?


Sian said...

I'm having a mega catch up today: what a gorgeous lot of photos you have taken and things you have done while I've been away! Field trips and prizes and nights away, discount uniform buying (need to do that), modern

Missus Wookie said...

I like wandering through and looking at the statues each year. Wookie's off to Leadenhall Market today, we're going to do a wander next week.

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

I love False Ceiling! I also like Shapes in the Clouds, for it's tactile appeal and High Winds. A lot of modern Art leaves me cold.

Liz Lee said...

I only like the False a Ceiling and the Lynn Chadwick pieces. The rest you can keep. Modern art? Not my thing either.

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