Wednesday, 16 July 2014

This Life

The Brainy One decided to take the morning off work in order to take The Boy Child to the RAF Museum.
Visiting there is invariably a boys only trip.
Those of us who stay behind get on with their usual activities.
They check the garden thermometer...
... which possibly has a touch of heat stroke.
They squeeze in lunch out after a trip to the supermarket.
They box off the ironing.
And when those boys get home, they organise tea and biscuits in the garden.
Before cleaning the BBQ grill ready for this evening's supper.
Somehow the role of Entertainments Officer, when occupied by The Brainy One, is limited to one-on-one with The Boy Child.
When I am Entertainments Officer, I have to fit in the household chores around it and subsequently find that I am ironing at 9pm at night.
I suppose it was ever thus.

Summer 500: 461.


Karen said...

Oh Ruth this so rings a bell. When Gracia was little I used to take Friday's off and David used to take Monday's off. Friday comprised doing the weekly shop, washing and ironing, housework and anything else I could squeeze in. Monday's were just for playing and if I came home from work and asked why the lounge hadn't been hoovered I was told 'I had to look after Gracie didn't I'. Oh how the other half lives!

debs14 said...

Now you come to mention it, I think the same thing happened around here too. I guess this is where women get the reputation for multi tasking!

Unknown said...

We decided on a stay at home vacation, except it seems I am busier with snacks, meals, entertaining on so on ... not much of a vacation for me & thankfully it is only for a week. Ruth your sandwich looks yummy

Ladkyis said...

with my first husband it was just like that but with Mr M I get a holiday too. If I cook then he will do the dishes and make the cuppa. I don't do housework so Mr M will often put the vacuum cleaner around and when the kids were young he got them to dust and wipe surfaces. Am I lucky? you betcha. Do I show my appreciation? Oh yes!

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

This is such a cute post, Ruth. Love the photos you included in it as well.

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