Saturday, 19 July 2014

Water Load of Fun

The weather continues to be fabulous, with temperatures reaching as high as 30C.
What to do?
Strip down to your pants and have a water fight, of course.
But perhaps draw the line at going down the home-made water slide.
And when it gets too much, have a siesta.
The siesta was tempting, I can tell you.
Summer 500: 441.


Unknown said...

A good day for you - heavy rain here and the evening still looks very damp. Weather didn't dampen a very nice evening with family company.

Abi said...

What fun! I love that water slide photo. It has been really wet and muggy here today. I'm hoping the bright sun will reappear tomorrow.

Amy said...

Enjoy it - it's hardly been over 10C here this week!

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