Monday, 4 August 2014

Parisian Long Weekend | Montmartre | Photo Heavy

Montmartre is exactly what Paris looks like in Hollywood movies, especially anything remotely French made by Woody Allen.
For me, it's the real Paris.
Sure, there are crowds in the summer, but step down a side street and Montmartre is yours to explore.
You never know what you might discover.
Or see.
Or wonder about.
 Or laugh about.
The Boy Child's favourite bit?
The funicular railway.
So much so that we went up and down several times.
Just because.
Summer 500: 360.


Sian said...

We'd be right there with you on that railway. Just because. We rode the one in Animal Kingdom backwards and forwards and backwards and forwards..

You have lots of beautiful pictures here

Margaret J said...

A railway? Perfect!

Anonymous said...

You are definitely whetting my appetite.

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