Sunday, 3 August 2014

Parisian Long Weekend | Photo Heavy

Our summer holiday plans were broken down into three parts this year.
Part one was a long weekend in Paris.
The Boy Child hated, hated, hated the Eiffel Tower.
Nothing else to add.
Notre Dame cathedral is my favourite building in Paris and is, in my opinion, best viewed from the river.
Visiting the Mona Lisa is a must for any trip to the City of Light.  We went late in the afternoon to avoid the worst of the crowds, but it was still a bit of a zoo.
Sacre Coeur is beautiful and worth the trek up to Montmartre.  Crowd control inside the cathedral is much better than when I last visited in 1999 and people are much more respectful and behave accordingly.  The Boy Child was very sweet and prayed, without any prompting, for his deceased grandparents and lit candles for them.  I don't think God will mind that we are not Catholics.
The Arc du Triomphe looked beautiful in the sunshine this morning.  The Boy Child was content to look at it and move on.
As the weather was gorgeous, we took strolls along the river in the early evenings. Some of the bridges are covered in padlocks; lovers write their names/initials and date on a padlock and then secure it before throwing the key into the river below.  The habit actually caused a bridge to partially collapse earlier this year.
Still to come: Parisian Long Weekend | Montmartre.
Summer 500: 372


Margaret J said...

If I'm honest I wasn't too keen on being in the lift at the tower. Thoughtful of TBC to light candles - and no, God won't mind.

Gail said...

Gorgeous photos Ruth. We've just started talking about going there next summer so I was really interested in your post.

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