Friday, 8 August 2014

When in Brussels

There are two things I automatically think of when I think of Belgium.
Which, until this week, hasn't been that often, it must be said.
Beer and chocolate.
I consumed my fair share of one.
And had fun photographing the windows of shops selling the other.
We were advised that the best chocolate in town came from Mary's and she (they?) held a Royal warrant.
They were also pretty expensive.  The above box cost almost 20 Euros, but as we were buying the pooch sitter a thank-you gift, we took it on the chin ...
See that milk truffle at the 2 o'clock position?  I got to eat that today.
It was alright.
It was okay.
But nothing to write home about.

Beer or chocolate?

Summer 500: 332.


Becky said...

Definitely chocolate for me! Lovely photos :)

Margaret J said...

Might have to choose the beer! But it would be difficult to refuse a chocolate.

helena said...

definitely beer - chocolate just doesn't do anything for me nowadays

Sian said...

I'm with Helena. Most people find it hard to believe, but I don't really like chocolate! I'd still have been admiring those displays and taking pictures, though. Wow..

Mary Lou said...

I would take the chocolate truffles only about 1/4 of the beer in a glass with 3/4 ginger ale.

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