Friday, 19 September 2014

Five on Friday

1) Extremely glad that the United Kingdom is still united.
2) Wondering why I haven't been asked along on The Boy Child's class trip to the Zoo next week.  But not wondering too hard because I've arranged to take my Norwegian friend to visit the Store of Utter Gorgeousness on the same day.
3) Officially a wearer of Varifocals, and prescription contact lenses and sunglasses on order.
4) Never tiring of meeting up with other mums after drop-off or before pick-up.  A fair few of The Boy Child's friends moved schools over the summer and I've made a commitment to work hard at maintaining my friendships with the mums.
5) Having The Boy Child's eyes tested after comments from school that he closes one eye when he looks at the white board.  The optician was brilliant; a 5* service.

How does your Friday look?


Margaret J said...

I think the catching up over coffee is good and a trip to the shop that is full of temptation is a lovely way to spend an hour. TBC seems relaxed and looks as gorgeous as ever.

Ira Kharchenko said...

Amazing post, dear!

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