Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Guilty Pleasures?

There are aspects of my life that give me enormous pleasure for very little outlay.
Such as leaving for the school run earlier than needed in order to read in the park.
Or meeting up with a friend in the middle of the afternoon.
Instead of doing the ironing. 
Or even getting a fix of celebrity gossip, even if I'm not entirely sure who the person is.
 What or which things in your life could be classed as a guilty pleasure? 


Abi said...

Reading in the park sounds dreamy. My guilty pleasures are a good rom com in the evening. Chocolate with a cup of tea or ignoring studying and going to the public library to choose some new books.

Missus Wookie said...

I'm another who loves reading in the park - I've learned that if I can squeeze in a bit of reading time outside or with a coffee (or both) in a long day of meetings that is a good thing.

Pottering around in the garden rather than working is another.

Sian said...

Scoffing Dolly Mixtures while I make the dinner

Beverly said...

Having as free a schedule as I do. Yesterday a friend had a half day off for a doctor's appt and texted "are you game for brunch?" and I was, so many people I know don't have that option in life.

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