Saturday, 6 September 2014

Show Me The Money

Today we trotted off to the East End.
To the Isle of Dogs.
We went, as your archetypal Cockney might say, darn the Wharf.
To Canary Wharf, the home of the UK's financial district and where The Brainy One worked for a number of years.
Where the once derelict warehouses of the old West India Dock are now expensive bijou apartments.
Where glass and chrome are at the heart of what, it has to be said, is a soul less sort of place.
As for The Boy Child?
It was safe to say that he wasn't overly impressed.


The Quintessential Magpie said...

Or as Prince Charles would say, "monstrous carbuncles", and I heartily agree that they don't belong in London.

Boy Child looking super cute!


Sheila :-)

Margaret J said...

At least TBC was out in the fresh air and there was surely a coffee shop near by.
Architecture leaves me cold.

Sian said...

I love looking at buildings! Old or new I'll ponder who is inside. I like these very tall shots a lot..such a nice contrast with the pic of TBC sitting

Liz said...

I'm afraid I'm with TBC on this one! I'd rather be sitting somewhere else with a nice view than looking at buildings!! Sorry TBO x

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