Saturday, 20 September 2014

What Do You See?

I have two desks squeezed into my office space.
One is home the the desktop PC and associated paraphernalia.
The other is where I scrapbook.
It means that I sit facing a wall.
To brighten up my view I have the following:
Three school photos of The Boy Child.
A favourite photo of my dad, taken the year before he died.
A bear that a boyfriend gave me many years ago.  I could never bear (sorry about that pun) to part with it.
Happy Mail ~ currently a card from a friend who lives locally and a card from this lovely lady.
A Keep Calm and Carry On poster.  Some days that is easier said than done.
A reminder to be more.

What do you see when you sit down to be creative?


Sian said...

Currently I see too many things which need tidied up and put away!

It's lovely to see the card sitting there

Liz said...

I have a view of the fountain across the road plus two photos. One of Samuel with his first fish and one of the girls on cowboy night xx

Ladkyis said...

I see a favourite picture of Mr M, three containers of foam letters, two albums of photographs that need scrapbooking, and like Sian a lot if stuff that needs tidying away.

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