Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Year 3 | Back to School

He's gone off happily, if a little bit nervously. 
"Tell me one good thing about the summer holidays", I asked.  
"Tell me one bad thing about the summer holidays", I asked.


Sian said...

Blokes are a little scared by Paris, for some reason. It makes them nervous..

Margaret J said...

A boy who knows his own mind. Sure he will settle into the routine of year 3.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Look at that sweetie in his little jacket. How I love my picture of the Boy Child. It is on my fridge with two little girls I also hold dear. I hold the Boy Child dear even though I haven't met him face to face.

Interesting comments. While I have a young cousin who lives in Paris and Mr. Magpie's cousin used to live there, I have friends who would readily agree with the Boy Child, feeling the city a little unfriendly toward Americans, even some who speak French. But i think my friends tend to forget that it is a large city and not a small town in the USA. My friends who are antique dealers head to Belgium these days. Me? I'm a London girl! It is my favorite city outside the United States. I cherish my memories from there. My favorite US cities? St. Augustine, Key West, Charleston, Natchez, New Orleans, and Fairhope and Florence, Alabama. I also love New York City, Martha's Vineyard, and Kansas City, Missouri. That is leaving out a large part of the country, but those come immediately to mind and is is a group of ten. For the most part, I prefer cities with water! The ocean is good, but rivers work well, too.


Sheila :-)

alexa said...

By gum, there's a well-travel young gentleman! he looks very smart ... Hoping you are all settling into a new routine; they doen't go back here until next Monday!

Liz said...

Hope he has a good day. xxx

Becky said...

Hope he had a good day. Love his comments!

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Haha - awesome. My least favorite part of our trip to England was the side trip we made to Paris for one day, so your boy is not alone.

He looks so handsome in his school uniform!

Abi said...

He looks wonderful in his school uniform. I hope the first day of year three went well.

Karen said...

Wow doesn't TBC look grown up. Loved your questions as they brought back happy memories of when I used to ask Gracia about her school day. She was always very reluctant to tell me anything so we compromised on the "What was the best thing at school today" and "What was the worst thing at school today?" questions being the only ones I was allowed to ask and the only ones she had to answer!