Monday, 27 October 2014

Me on Monday

It's been a:
travelling North for two hours,
 hugging Granny,
 eating his first ever cheeseburger from the Golden Arches
 and evening bus rides, just because,
kind of Monday.
And it's looking fantastic for the rest of the week.
 This post is adapted from Sian's Me on Monday theme,
 which you can find on the


Mel said...

You look a lot like your mother. Looks like a fun day!

Sian said...

We totally understand the idea of a just because bus ride. Though two hours on a train? Even better!

Have a great visit

Sandie said...

Just because is what it should be all about :) Have a great week and yes, you do look like your Mum

Liz said...

Hope you all have a great week xxx

Liz said...

Strangely enough I look like your mum too :0)

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