Thursday, 27 November 2014

In Need of a Pee

Well, not exactly.
But I am in need of J, K, O, V and X.
What am I talking about?
This current project of mine: Him | The Abridged Version.
I'm been zipping along nicely, but have now come up against writer's block.
Or put simply, I've run out of ideas.
Specifically ideas for the above mentioned letters.
Each letter has three topics.  For example, the topics for A are Aeroplanes, Aunties and Autism.
J needs two more topics.
K needs two more topics.
O needs one more topic.
V needs one more topic.
X needs two more topics.  Possibly three.

All suggestions gratefully received, as long as you remember the album is for a 7-year-old.
Funny suggestions very much welcome!


Liz said...

OK so all I have so far is Joy, Jumpers, Kind, Kisses and Xenophobia (which he obviously doesn't have with all the lovely friends he has). I'll keep thinking xxx

helena said...

I loved some of the quirky heading people used in the class. some suggestions
jokes, journeys, jumping into the water / off the diving board, keep on bedside table, older (signs of growing), overheard saying, obsessed with, one time only (things done but not want to repeat), over the pond (all things American), on a train, vehicles (I know he loves the transport museum) x-ray vision (to discuss super power would want), venn diagram (of subjects loves and those has to do at school or something similar), vexed

Sian said...

Mmm..thinking, thinking..

I'd probably cheat a bit..with x marks the spot or "eXtra" something or Very..
for V

Margaret J said...

Jumpers, Kisses, Over there, Once and X for extra special but not sure if that counts!

debs14 said...

Jump in the deep end,keeping an eye out for Paddington, view from ..., overheard, Xtreme, at a X roads.

Hilary J said...

Here are a few suggestions:
jumping, joy, oranges, obe wan kanobe (if he likes Star Wars), kicks, kitkat, kitchen, view, Xtremely..., Xcited

Anonymous said...

Sorry I have no ideas beyond what's already been shared. Have you checked out some of the pages people have shared in the classroom and on the FB group? When I've been stuck I check them out along with the braindump board.

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