Friday, 7 November 2014

Through The Big Lens

Every time I attend an event at The Boy Child's school, I dust off the big lens in the hope that I will be able to capture that elusive perfect shot of him singing or whatever it is that he's doing.
The images mostly look like this.
 Sometimes I catch him in his own world. 
 Sometimes I catch him looking as though he knows what is going on.
But the images still mostly look like this.


Sian said...

Lots of my pictures look like this. You have cheered me up!

Ladkyis said...

Oh those images are so familiar. All my three looked just like that, especially the youngest whose head was always a million miles from what was happening.
I gave up trying to catch them looking intelligent or with it. He looks like what he is, a little boy in a big uncompromising world.

Kirsty.A said...

You can still capture the feel of the event. Quote the words he said / sung; ask him to tell you about it and use his own words; write your Mummy-emotions. Or ask other mums for photos - sometimes they get a different angle / moment

Liz said...

All my big lens pictures look like the top one so you're doing better than I am. He's still cute even if a bit blurry xxx

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