Tuesday, 4 November 2014

UFOs and WiPs

All crafters have them.
Unfinished Objects and Works in Progress.
I've been quietly lamenting the fact that I don't seem to have the urge currently to sit down at my desk and make stuff.  You know, nothing fancy, just stuff.  A scrapbook page or two.
I did, however, managed to complete two small projects when I was at mum's last week.  And they were small, because travelling by train severely limits how much stash a girl can safely carry.
The New York journal from last April somehow had run out of steam on the morning of Easter Sunday.  I don't mind admitting that I looked at mum's long completed journal and rehashed what she had written.  Job done.  This summer's journal was also put to one side when it had almost been completed; just a day and a half to write up.
My latest Work in Progress is Him | The Abridged Version.  (I don't count Project Life as a WiP, because that's fairly automatic after three and a half years.)
The class is technically over.  Lots of ladies have posted on the class Facebook page that they have finished their albums.  I haven't posted anything on there.  
The Boy Child's album has the letter 'L' completed, along with one entry for the letter 'I' and one entry for the letter 'G'.
I know that this album will be finished before too long, and if it isn't, no matter.  After all, it's a project I originally started over three years ago.
What UFOs and WiPs do you have in your craft space?


Sian said...

Well, everything you have done looks lovely.

I've been working to deadlines lately, so I've been forced to finish stuff up. What I really need to do is make myself tidy up between projects. At the minute I'm starting a new page over the mess on my desk left by the last one. That's not good.

Liz said...

Oh let me see!! The France album, the Turkey one (not even started), Florida, The Gables.......I could go on!! xx

Ladkyis said...

So they don't get finished, so what? the album police have been made redundant and gone off to spend their pay off in Goa. You have a real life that is making you look in different directions and your life is very different from three years ago. Embrace the lethargy for a while and then find something completely different to engage those crafty talents. If is too short for what ifs

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