Wednesday, 10 December 2014

December Daily | 2014: 5th & 6th

Keep it simple.
That's the key.
The 5th: the evening we went in search of Christmas lights.
I used a 5x5 page protector (Pink Paislee, I think) as in insert  and added a * in place of the letter e (because I've run out of the letter e).  Not sure I like how it looks. 
 The back of the insert has a spiel about the Paddington Bears we found. An 8x6 photo of The Boy Child rounds off the entry for the 5th. 
The 6th: A Christmas tree, a Concert and a party.
On the left is an 8x6 of our Norwegian friends with the tree in Trafalgar Square.  There's a 7x5 insert (Becky Higgins) showing the church where the Concert was held. 
On the reverse is that day's journalling and on the right is a photo from the Concert and our tickets and program.
On the reverse of the Concert page are a couple of photos from the party, namely me and my friend with her husband.
 I've since added the party invitation to the paperclip.
December Daily.
My favourite project of the year.


Sian said...

That really is a lovely photo of you

looking at how cool this is has made me think about the box of school concert programmes and bits I have from Christmasses past. Maybe I should do a retro December album

Tori Anderson said...

Lovely pages!

Liz said...

Yours journal is much fuller than mine. I think I must try harder!!

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