Monday, 22 December 2014

Houston, We {Don't} Have a Problem

Think of Houston, Texas and along with steak, oil and cowboy boots, I think of NASA's Mission Control.  The Boy Child still has an interest in space and astronauts and The Brainy One is always attracted to anything remotely technical, so we knew that a visit to the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Centre was a must.
 The space shuttle and 747 are the centre's latest acquisitions
 and the first thing you see as you enter the car park.
 1,600 acres of land means making use of the free tram service.
 The original Mission Control is now a US National Monument
 and preserved exactly as it was in NASA's heyday.
 Think Apollo 13 and Gene Kranz declaring that "failure is not an option".
 Some buildings give an obvious clue as to what is inside.
 But first sight of a Saturn 5 rocket still packs the wow factor.
 The Boy Child wants to go to Mars. 
 Perhaps he could be persuaded that the moon is much nearer.
I feel a second visit may be on the cards before we leave Texas.


Sian said...

It looks like a place he'll never forget (even if he does get to go again)

Becky said...

That looks great! We went to the Kennedy Space Centre and really enjoyed that. If we ever get to Houston I can see a visit coming up!

Margaret J said...

New it would be a success!

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