Monday, 1 December 2014

Me on Monday

It was a:
an Advent calendar opening,
posting Christmas cards overseas,
 new jeans buying for The Boy Child, 
 grocery shopping,
 Elvis the Elf and Christmas basket arriving,
teacher gift wrapping,
decorating for Christmas, 
walking the pooch through the park en route to collect The Boy Child,
Toad in the Hole cooking,
listening to Christmas music,
and ironing,
kind of Monday.
 This post is adapted from Sian's Me on Monday theme,
 which you can find on the


Abi said...

It made me smile to see a picture advent calendar. As children we were never allowed chocolate ones and my Granny still sends me a picture one each year! Glad to see elf on the shelf has appeared! Do you hide him around the house?

Becky said...

We still have an advent calendar each! Nice to see your journal prep :)

helena said...

your Christmas basket looks full of fun - in awe of your toads - I can never get mine to rise enough

Sian said...

I'm not surprised those fine long legs need some new jeans!

It looks like you had lots of Christmassy fun in your house over the weekend and that your December has got off to an excellent start. have a great week Ruth!

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